Keith Young

I am an engineer living in the beautiful Galway city, in Ireland. I’ve study energy systems learning how the energy we use everyday is produced and distributed and methods for improving the systems that are currently in place. I’ve also completed my master’s in biomedical engineering where i learned how to analyze a disease and create a device that could be patented and take through clinical trials and into the medical market where it could make a difference to the lives of countless people.

I come from a farming background where if work had to be done then it had to be done whatever the weather. my father is a sheep farmer so the joy of spring and birth will forever be a part of who I am.

I am a big believer in personal fitness and healthy eating to not only be healthy now but to stay healthy throughout my life. I love learning new things and seeking out things for myself.

  • Engineering
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Study personal improvement
  • Try to be 1% better everyday

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